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The MetaversePlus team will coordinate and manage every step in the process so that you and your team can focus on what you do best!

1. Consultation

Our professional partnerships managers will schedule a free 15-30 minute consultation to learn about your business.

2. Launch

Invite your team to attend a guided metaverse session, where you'll be able to get hands on experience and ask questions.

3. Expansion

We will work with you on completing a scope of work and strategy document so we can begin building your custom space!

Thoughtfully developed

Our comprehensive process ensures that each metaverse space is immersive, unique, and engaging.

Widely Accessible

We support virtually every existing internet accessible device from smartphone and laptop to VR headsets. No download or app required.

Advanced Security

We support the unique security and privacy needs of your organizations and offer a wide range of security protocols.

Future Proof

We support and update every metaverse space forever, giving your team access to new features and developments at no cost.

Who we are

The MetaversePlus team is HQ'd in Beverly Hills and comprised of over 100+ Web3.0 professionals.

We are all working to help brands and business to bridge the technological and knowledge gaps that currently exist which make entering the metaverse difficult.

Our main focus is on creating a truly unique and immersive experience for your customers or your team that help you achieve your goals, whether that's generating new revenue or increasing productivity.

Grow with us

MetaversePlus is a rapidly expanding metaverse development company that combines blockchain potential with the innovation of developers.

We believe that the metaverse has the potential to revolutionize the way we all look at the world and how we go about our everyday lives. And we know it's here to stay.


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The metaverse is already transforming businesses and organizations across virtually every industry.

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